This wiki in no way endorses anything that isn't related to Ghostbusters, and we also don't choose to promote directly anything.

Ads in top Right and SidebarEdit

Those ads are chosen by Wikia to provide income which should and will not be hidden for any reason. So that also means the mod has no say as to what the ads are.

If a ad is found to be extremely annoying, if can by reported through this link:

Only ads that cover over content, or make noise may be reported.

June 3 2009Edit

As of very recently this wiki and others are being affected by new advertisement measures. As such this wiki must follow the new changes. Read about all this at this location.

Ads to other wikias "Spotlights"Edit

They are also made by Wikia. So that also means the mod has no say as to what the ads are.

"No-ghost sign" other wiki's sectionEdit

Those ads are chosen by the mod of this wiki. They are chosen based on being related to Ghostbusters or items like Ghostbusters. Naturally requests can be submitted, and are encourage. Please leave suggestions on Talk:Wiki Ads.

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