Thomas Bradford Stone was born May 7, 1964. He turned 20 and saw a horrifying ghost. He remembered that earlier that year, he saw an advertisement for an organization called "Ghostbusters". "Should I call them?" he asked himself. "Well, they did save the city" he said as he dialed the number. Janine Melnitz answered the phone and said "Hello. Ghostbusters. A spectre is haunting your house? Okay, I'll tell them." Janine rung the bell and the boys in gray slid down the pole with proton packs and traps. They went into the Ecto-1 and drove to Thomas's house. Thomas was so ecstatic to meet the Ghostbusters. He told them that the ghost was yellow, evil, and had six eyes. "Sounds like a Class 5 Repeating phantasm", said Ray Stantz. Peter saw the ghost and blasted him with a proton stream. Winston and Egon fired two more streams and Ray threw out the trap. "That will be $5,000, sir", said Ray Stantz as he held up the smoking trap. "No problemo, guys. I am so wealthy, I could afford anything" stated Thomas Stone as he handed them the money without a complaint. Four years later, Thomas was driving when he crashed his car into a pole. "Damn it!" he shouted as he opened the door. He unfortunately got attacked by an animated blob of slime. He was then killed and revived as a ghost. "I'm gonna have to wait a bit before I ever see the Ghostbusters again, because I don't want to get busted." He knew he would meet them again three years later.

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