Ray Stantz was rummaging through his trunk of family heirlooms when he found a scroll belonging to his great-grandfather Earl Stantz. He read "Froga Zakam Ligna Beezum" and was shocked when the incantation opened a portal and freed Verox, finally free after 140 years. "You!" shouted Verox. "You are the one who's ancestor imprisoned me more than a century ago. For that, you will pay!" Ray suddenly figured out that he had foolishly read the same incantation that his great-grandfather used to banish Verox. He tried to read it again to put the demon back, but Verox destroyed the scroll with a burst of flame, crying "I am not going back!" Ray told the other Ghostbusters and they planned to trap him. "According to Tobin's Spirit Guide, Verox is a Class 9, meaning we have a very slim chance to trap him" replied Egon. The five Ghostbusters tracked down Verox at a warehouse. Egon fired the first shot, followed by Ray, Peter, and Winston. Soul Man threw out the trap and opened it. Verox was still resisting the trap's pull, so Soul Man fired a proton stream. Louis and Janine then fired and after some struggling, Verox was finally trapped. They returned to base and then locked Verox into the Containment Unit.

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