Oscar Stuart

College Student, Mechanic of the New Ghostbusters

Appeared in Ghostbusters: The New Breed
Played by N/A

Oscar Stuart is a character in Ghostbusters: The New Breed. He is the mechanic of the new team.


Oscar is the tallest member of the team and is quite skinny. He has messy dark brown hair and blue eyes. When he is not in his ghostbusters uniform, Oscar wears a white dress shirt under a burgundy sweater and black slacks. When he is in his ghostbusters uniform, Oscar wears a black jumpsuit with an orange trim.


Oscar is a mechanical wizard, while he isn't considered very bright, and sometimes comes across as incompetent, he is brilliant with machines and engineering, even being able to fix and modify the Ecto-1.

Oscar is typically quite reckless, and sometimes can seem quite cowardly, but is always able to pull through in the end.

Like most of the team, Oscar takes his role as a Ghostbuster seriously. He agreed to stay a Ghostbuster because it seemed like the right thing to do.


To Be Added...


Katie HowardEdit

Oscar and Katie have clear romantic interest in eachother.

Mike PhilipsEdit

Mike and Oscar are best friends, due to their similar interests in technology and engineering.

John NelsonEdit

John and Oscar are shown to get along quite well.

Christian MorganEdit

Christian and Oscar are definitely friends.

Paige DunbarEdit

Paige and Oscar have been shown to be friends.

Emily SpenglerEdit

Oscar and Emily are close friends.

Alex SpenglerEdit

Like the rest of the team, Oscar's relationship with Alex is mostly Student and Mentor.


Oscar and Slimer are shown to get along. Oscar is the only one out of the group who doesn't mind getting slimed by Slimer.


  • Oscar's favourite ghost hunting weapon is the Ecto-Arm Cannon.
  • Oscar has a fear of the dentist.

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