Ghostbusters The Denver Chronicles is a web comic taking place in the Denver Ghostbusters Series between the Fan Films Freddy vs Ghostbusters and Return of the Ghostbusters


Neil is dealing with Denver's ghosts by himself while Ed and Eugene are elsewhere. A pair of punks key "UR GAY" into the Ghostbusters' truck, and he retaliates by charring the finish on their car with his proton pack.

Ed and Eugene have been called to the British Museum by Janosz Poha to investigate supernatural activity (reluctantly, as he tells them "I left New York to get away from you guys!"). They quickly find the cause, a haunted statue, and a map inside. As all the artifacts of the museum's Egyptian exhibit, including the smashed statue, belong to Dr. Klaus Constantin, the map is handed over to him. Constantin and his assistant Pavel Karnov set off to see where it leads.

Ed and Eugene follow, fearing what might be inside the tomb indicated on the map, and so are on hand when a group of mummies come to life and attack Constantin's expedition (Constantin is injured by rubble, explaining his paralysis in the film). Eugene manages to destroy the mummies using a proton pistol, but the tomb collapses on him in the process. Eugene's funeral is attended by Neil, Ed, Pavel, the New York Ghostbusters and the Super Mario Bros.


  • The mummies are based on the ones from the cartoon Mummies Alive!, for which Ivan Reitman was an executive producer.
  • The web comic explains some things about the movie Return of the Ghostbusters. It explains Eugene O'Fitzpatrick's absence by revealing that he died while fighting mummies. It also explains how Klaus Constantin became a paraplegic and why Pavel Karnov became a member of the Denver Ghostbusters, replacing O'Fitzpatrick.

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