This Page is for requests for being a admins at Ghostbusters Fanon Wiki. All content on the page should not be edited above the Nominations section. Ultimately the current administrator (Bureaucrat) is the only one that can choose who becomes a administrator (either Administrator"Sysop" or Bureaucrat). If there is no current active admin at the wiki(two months or longer), then this page is a voting grounds in finding a candidate. In that case contact Wikia:Adoption_requests and inform a Wiki Helper of the interest in admin and this page.


Currently(06/22/2011) Devilmanozzy is the Bureaucrat of Ghostbusters Fanon Wiki. He offers the following Opening:

  • A Sysop (General) that will listen and work under Devilmanozzy and work with fellow editors. Knowing general information on the movies and the animated series is desired. Must have been posting on Ghostbusters Fanon Wiki or Ghostbusters Wiki for over one month and have over 100 posts edited with 20 letters or more.

Past PositionsEdit

This page is new


You may Nominate yourself or suggest someone. If you Nominate yourself, please explain why you should be chosen in a few lines of text. Also supply links to pages you are referencing to. After that, hit Return a few times and leave room. Users may after the submitted content and info, may comment on why they should or should not be a new admin. Keep the reason to only general actions or comments. If abuse is a reason cite the pages/articles for the argument.


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