This is the fan continutaion of Extreme Ghostbusters, or XGB, with fanmade characters and episodes based on the original series, itself a sequel to the popular 80s cartoon "The Real Ghostbusters".




Season 2Edit

  1. The Sport of Kings - Phooka
  2. Road Rash - Empusa
  3. To Tell the Truth - Rawhead
  4. Wild Game - Wodan and the Wild Hunt
  5. Derailed - The Phantom Subway
  6. From Small Beginnings - Homunculus
  7. Karkadann
  8. Midnight Beauty
  9. Concrete Jungle, Part 1 - Van Pelt, Ibsen, Shanbahac
  10. Concrete Jungle, Part 2 - Stalker, Shanbahac, Rall, Van Pelt, Ibsen
  11. Ghash
  12. Ekek
  13. Halloween: Resurrection - Samhain
  14. Duppy
  15. Back Pains - Aufhocker
  16. Crusade - Knights of Ålleberg
  17. Manticore
  18. Plat-Eye
  19. Hob Anagarak
  20. Mephisto
  21. Ghost Wars - Zombie Godzilla Hatchlings, Troll King, Mayor McShane, Quetzalcoatl,El gusano gigante
  22. Ghost Wars, Part 2 - King Cobra, Crackler, Ghostmaster, Ghash, Derek Winters, Mayor McShane, DNA mimic, Bacillus, Amirillia, Medusa, Necksa, Giant mutant squid
  23. Ghost Wars, Part 3 - Flying Gigan, Ice Borers, Skeetera, Zuul, Vinz Clortho, Derek Winters, Ghash, Mayor McShane, C-Rex, Giant bat, Ts-eh-go,Reptilians
  24. Ghost Wars, Part 4 - Gozer, Idulnas, Zombie Infant D.R.A.G.M.A's, Zuul, Vinz Clortho, Vigo the carpathian, Ivo Shandor, Spider witch, Chairman, Azetlor the Destroyer, Kirilian, Walter Peck,Koza'rai, Gozo, Reanimated Chameleon,Flying Gigan, Mayor McShane, Proteus, Giant turtle, Deep Dweller,Giant termites,Techno sentient,Silver hydra,Sub-zero manta,Apshai,The Old One, Anshar, Kishnar,Toy Ghost, Kahil, Tenebraug, Meh-krah,The Undying One, Four Horsemen of the apocalypse,Tiamat,Evil's baseball team, El Gusano Gigante,Giant Bat DNA mimic, C-Rex, Skeetera, Medusa,Ts-Eh-Go, Norzzug, Giant queen bee.
  25. night of the toilet ghost - largen the trilizard

Season 3Edit