It was a dreary night in November when a bolt of lighting flashed and a demon named Verox appeared. He was large and red with a black head and yellow eyes. He was causing a lot of trouble in Victorian England. There had been numerous murders reported and it was unknown how the victims died. Demonologist Earl Stantz suspected that a demon was to blame. After some experiments, he saw that it was in fact a demon that killed the innocent people. After looking up different spells, he made an incantation to imprison Verox. Earl Stantz saw Verox attacking a small civilian. "Halt" he said"or I will defeat you, Verox." Verox did not take him seriously and lunged at Earl as he read the incantation. "Froga Zakam Ligna Beezum!" said Earl Stantz and the demon was imprisoned in another realm, only to be released generations later.

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