Cultist Ghsot
"These are Class III Ectoplasmic Entities, they are not gonna go down without a fight"

"I don't care if their the freaking Tooth Fairy! Grab 'em!"

-Ghostbusters "Working with" George Gately

Cult Member Ghosts are the spirits of the once might Clthorian Occult of New Caius Villa, North Dakota. Worshiping the Great Maker Cltorius, a Babylonian Figure who supposedly created the Earth by sacrificing himself. As reports show in the drowned town, it appeared that by the end of the town's life in 1900s most of the people in the town were part of the cult and were lead by Giovanni Ardessio's beliefs even far beyond his death. It could be possible that when Ardessio reentered the world of the living that these creepy cultists followed him.

Tobin's Spirit GuideEdit

"Uh, Tony, are ghosts supposed to be able to grab people and take them far far away?"

-Cassie Jones

According to Tobin's Spirit Guide to the Supernatural, these creatures were once the Human Worships of the Clthorius, The Great Maker. They were killed by either natural means or by the flooding of the town in 1902.