Leader of the Ghost Smashers

Also Known as Blondie

Literal Hot-Shot

Chloe the General

Appeared in Ghost Smashers
Played by Linda Blair (movie)

Grey Griffin (animated)

History Edit

Born in 1963, Chloe had plans to become a gold-medal Olympic athlete. But at the same time, she had concerns of her own. She feared that she'll have to be injected with some form of steroids that many athletes do, and even had her first encounter with the paranormal. She was visited by the Bogeyman while she was five years old. Although she was reasonably scared, Chloe had a puzzling idea. She thought to herself a question regarding the existence of the paranormal. She began to abandon the athlete dream and instead went for paranormal studies. She even bought a very rare encyclopedia about ghosts from a yard sale. Eventually, she teamed up with Howie West and Mike Fujioka for dedication of hunting and capturing a ghost. They were called the Ghost Smashers.

Personality Edit

Chloe can be very ecstatic about ghost hunting. It's fair to say that she has nothing to fear. Except that she has needle phobia that derived from her original Olympic goals. She also tends to be a big kid at heart.

Relationship to Others Edit

To be added soon!