Dr. Alexandra Perry
"Dr. Anthony Starkhaven, do you actually expect us to believe that the recent sounds are from a Civil War ghost?"

"Indian War, to be precise Ms. Perry"

-Alexandra Perry introgating Dr. Starkhaven

Alexandra Augustus Perry-Ardessio is a News Reporter and Journalist for Bismarck's Channel Five News. A bit skeptical of the poorly videoed take against their first spectre, a Indian War Ghost, she follows them on their next big hit. A Ghostly group of miners, as soon as she sees them she believes that something supernatural is happening and asks to join them. She quits her job and becomes the first female Ghostbuster and the second member to the North Dakota Ghostbusting Society of America, later named the ND Ghostbusters. She is also the great-great-granddaughter of Giovanni Ardessio.

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